Google Street View Cars Are Tracking Locations Of Wi-Fi Devices

Once again the search giant Google is in the hot sit, but this time not for their search, but for their Street View Cars, following by a CNET report. The report is saying that Google Street View cars are now engaged with collecting information location of limitless Wi-Fi devices. Aside from that this Street View options are mapping various Wi-Fi access point by giving the unique identifies and the street address of wireless internet devices including laptops and smartphones,

But, the matter of worse is that, this search giant is releasing those information online and you can not option it out though you ever wish to do that. In this regard Harvested MAC addresses followed by the last known coordinates are published in the public geo-location database of this company for all to access. Though, it is not inherently dangerous because it is only providing the desired snapshot of your location, but in the mean time it also increases the stilling risk of valid privacy concerns.

Eventually, by using it anyone can easily track your exact location because Google Street View cars always shows specific location during a specific time, though, if you do not want to share your privacy with the world. But it is not happened for the first time, before that many users complained about the Apple’s iOS devices for the same problem, but later this company released a software update for overcoming these users biggest complains.

And of course, this is not happened for the Google for the very first time, because before that Google Street View cars have been caught in the France for giving more information than desired including various privacy concerns such as emails, fragment of visiting websites, passwords, Wi-Fi networks etc. Though, the company says that this was happened accidently. In this matter, sniffing investigation is dropped by the US FTC last October.

In this matter, CNET has also requested company by sending a dozens of query and the company has also declared that they are now working on this to solve that as soon as possible.