Google Wallet For Sprint Nexus S Android Smart Phone To Be Released Today

Google Wallet, the much awaited Android app that can turn the smart phone into a wallet, is to be launched today, September 19, 2011. The app was to be released on September 1 this year but was postponed. An ad of the app was released last weekend and the fact that it featured George Costanza raised expectations about the release of the app. However, the date of launch was not revealed in the ad. Its official launch is earlier than expected and has indeed been a pleasant surprise for all Sprint Nexus S Android users. The app uses NFC technology. The Near Field Technology is used to make financial transactions and exchange of data between two closely placed devices. With the enabling of this technology, a mobile phone can easily be used as debit and credit cards in any place like shopping malls and restaurants. The app release will definitely make life easier for Nexus S users.

The launch will coincide with the world conference on NFC which has been inaugurated today as well. The official partner of Google for NFC enabling is MasterCard, which is the official sponsor of the world conference. This has lead to the conclusion that the app will be announced during the conference. Sophia Antipolis is the place where the conference and the launch of the app will take place. Google made an official announcement about the release today. According to the press release, Sprint Nexus S Android can be converted into a wallet by the use of this app. The release also said that this app will bring a transformation in the way payments are made. As of now, the app is available with Nexus S android phones. These phones use Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread operating system.

NFC is the most sought after application in the mobile phone market today. While it is possible to make financial transactions through mobile phones by enabling internet service, this app will make it easier. It is also one of the most anticipated features in the upcoming Apple release iPhone 5 or 4S. Android app store more than 250,000 apps and new apps such as these, which are high in ease of usability and high in functionality are included all the time. The operating system is the strongest competitor to Apple and has a market share that is higher than Apple. Recent survey has shown that Android has a market share of 46%.