Hackers Made Siri To Work With Any Device What So Ever

Hackers have claimed that they have made the voice assistance system of Apple, the Siri to work with any device, even with Android by reverse engineering. Siri was first introduced to market with the iPhone 4S in the last month.

Applidium after discovering the hack has written in their latest blog post that they have break through the protocol of Siri and that is why it is now available to use in any device. It can be used in an iPad even in Android devices. The hackers group has also assured that they will thoroughly explain how they made it possible.

The service of Siri depends on a HTTPS connection and the Siri server requires a valid certificate. The hackers have discovered that the server also works if we replace the valid certificate provided by Apple with a self signed certificate. The researchers have mentioned that the incident indicates to the inattentiveness of Apple experts.

Siri after receiving a voice command sends it to the server. The server tests whether the device is worth of trusting through many methods which include identifier unique to each iPhone 4S. After finishing the stage the server send back the processed data to the corresponding handsets.

As a proof of their claim they have posted a recording which is showing their effort of using the speech to text feature of Siri. Although none of the iPhone devices are able of taking the sound sample the recording shows siri to analyze it.

For those people and developers who are interested to know the process Applidium has posted all the details of the hack. They have also introduced the tool that they used.

However Apple is very much protective about their services and apps. Now it is to see how long Apple allows this issue to continue.