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Microsoft Claims To Use Siri-like Feature For A Long Time

Craig Mundie, the Chief Research and Strategy Officer of Microsoft at the Techonomy conference held in Tuscon in Arizona has unexpectedly claimed that Apple’s Siri is not something new, but it is a feature that Microsoft has incorporated in Windows Phone 7 years ago. While Forbes arranged an interview with him he proposed that Microsoft could be considered of the same standard as Apple in technical capability. Apple could not be said to lead the race with their unique voice assistance system, Siri because with the introduction of the Windows phone 7 years ago, Microsoft introduced a similar feature, called “Tellme” in the market.

Hackers Made Siri To Work With Any Device What So Ever

Hackers have claimed that they have made the voice assistance system of Apple, the Siri to work with any device, even with Android by reverse engineering. Siri was first introduced to market with the iPhone 4S in the last month.

Applidium after discovering the hack has written in their latest blog post that they have break through the protocol of Siri and that is why it is now available to use in any device. It can be used in an iPad even in Android devices. The hackers group has also assured that they will thoroughly explain how they made it possible.