HP Touch Pad 4G from AT&T Revealed

Supports Wi-Fi networks

The new HP Touch Pad launched on 1 July supports only the Wi-Fi networks. However, this is scheduled to change by September this year. AT&T announced an upgraded version of the Touch Pad that will be compatible with HSPA+ 4G networks. Besides supporting the service provider’s mobile broadband service, the new Touch Pad will be available with a higher-end processor. The new Touch Pad will be available with a 1.5 GHz processor.

New version support for HSPA+ 4G network

Clients are not to be mistaken in that the new Touch Pad will support only AT&T’s Long Term Evolution network. The new version of the HP Touch Pad will also be compatible to AT&T’s HSPA+ 4G network. Although, the speed of the new network is not advertised by the service provider, the company does mention enhanced back haul of the speeds offered by the new HSPA+ 4G networks.

LTE may have been a better choice

Although, it would have been a better option to add LTE as an added feature to the HSPA+ 4G network, several reasons for its exclusion are provided. The service provider plans to launch five LTE markets during this summer. In addition, the company plans to add ten more LTE markets by the end of the year. Therefore, the limited launch of the LTE markets comes as no surprise that AT&T first plan to launch LTE devices with a USB modem and mobile hot spot.

Additional access to AT&T networks

The new 4G Touch Pad will be connected to AT&T’s over twenty thousand access points in the event that the company’s HSPA+ network fails to be connected. This is very advantageous because it provides access to the free Wi-Fi networks of numerous airports, hotels, convection centers, and restaurants that are famous for holding business meetings.

Ideal for people wanting to stay connected at all times

More and more number of individuals is looking for devices that let them stay connected with friends and business associates at all times. The new HP Touch Pad is a perfect device that suits this requirement of individuals. The HP Touch Pad includes a 1.3-megapixel camera, traditional social networking support, Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, and GPS features. The webOS 3.0 systems enables the Touch Pad to seamlessly connect with compatible devices and transfer content over the devices. The sale of the new Touch Pad will be through AT&T’s business channels and HP’s channels.