Ipad 2 Now Has A Special Customized Keyboard Case

Logitech has revealed a new case for iPad 2 that will have an inbuilt keyboard; Logitech is a leading hardware and computer accessory producer. The company recently launched the customized case with keyboard. This can turn iPad2 into a mini-laptop and make it easy for professionals to type texts. The cover will also have a stand that will prop up iPad like a laptop screen.The offering from Logitech is excellent for people who constantly travel since they can use a tablet instead of a laptop for all professional works. The tablet is lighter, smaller and in addition to providing a laptop experience, it still provides the benefits of a tablet such as e-book reading and handheld PC. When users do not need to type, the keyboard can be folded and the touch screen of the device can be used.

The keyboard can help in increasing the functionality of iPad2 to a much greater extent. The usage can be more flexible and versatile. Furthermore, the unique state of the art smart cover fits on the new keyboard as well. So, users do not have to fix and remove the keyboard every time they feel the need to use it. After use, it can be folded into the smart cover.

The other benefit of the keyboard is the stand that keeps the device propped up. This makes it a lot easier to watch videos and enjoy features such as video chat in a hands-free manner. It is comfortable for working as well because the propped angle is just right.

However, the best part about the keyboard is that it is energy-efficient. When it is folded after use, power shuts off automatically and conserves. With the notorious battery life Apple gadgets, this new accessory does not take up the battery of the device because it comes with its own battery. Recharge of the battery is possible through the USB port and hence, detaching the keyboard is not necessary. The keyboard can always remain a part of the iPad and can be used when required.

The keyboard has another unique feature. It can be segregated into two portions and can be used as a stand under the iPad2, apart from the propping support, when it is not being used. All the touch key features of the iPad have been incorporated into the keyboard and hence, all functions can be carried out through the keyboard. Users can give their touch screens a complete rest. The price of the gadget is an unbelievable $130.