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Kindle Fire Hampers iPad Sales

According to the industry report it has found that Amazon’s big glory Kindle Fire tablets are eating few iPad sales. In this matter Tavis McCourt has claimed that the total number of selling Apple iPads have been lower down from 16 to 13 million due to the selling of high amount of Amazon Kindle tablets.

Intel On The Way To Launch Smartphones And Tablets Powered By 32nm Medfield Processor

Intel most recently has launched the prototype of their upcoming smartphone and tablet. The smartphones and tablets will run on Intel’s forthcoming 32nm Medfield processor. The mentioned processors of Intel for the first time are designed to give the Arm chips a pretty hard challenge in mobile phone sector.

Ipad 2 Now Has A Special Customized Keyboard Case

Logitech has revealed a new case for iPad 2 that will have an inbuilt keyboard; Logitech is a leading hardware and computer accessory producer. The company recently launched the customized case with keyboard. This can turn iPad2 into a mini-laptop and make it easy for professionals to type texts. The cover will also have a stand that will prop up iPad like a laptop screen.

Apple Will Start Trial Of Its Next Generation iPad3 This Coming October

The company Apple are now thinking for the trial production of their next generation iPad on this coming October, according to the Wall Street Journal.

With the sequence to the fact the paper sources have stated that Apple has already gathered the key components of this eventual iPad 3, which they have also planned to reached to their retail stores in the early 2012. But before that they have declared they have planned for its release at the holyday season of 2012.

More Details about iPhone 5 Revealed

iPhone 5 has been under speculations ever since it was announced. More concrete evidence has now come to light that Apple is planning for the fifth generation phone to be more than just an upgrade. The phone features a new size and is a lot more powerful than its predecessors. The major changes in the appearance of the phone are a slimmer design and bigger display. Shaw Wu, an analyst, said that the phone does seem to be a lot more than an upgrade of the previous version. The facts have come to light through chain supply sources. iPhone 4 has a 3.5 inch screen and the new phone will definitely have a bigger display although the overall size will be same. A bigger screen is expected to make usage easier. The processor used in the phone will be A5 processor. iPad 2 also uses the same processor.