iPhone 4S With Low CPU Speed Still Faster Than Other Phones

Apple announced its iPhone 4S a few months ago. Yesterday Apple has announced that the iPhone 4S has broken all the pre records of the previous Apple products by bagging one millions pre booking in a single day.

The iPhone 4S has many unique and stunningly new specs. It includes a new voice assistant program called Siri, by which the user will be able to ask as many questions as he or she wants to the device in his or her normal voice tone and the mobile will respond to all the questions or requests. The phone is also capable of supporting both the GPS and the CDMA network. There are also other eye catchy hardware speculations.

But in spite of having such outstanding features Apple iPhone 4S has proved that CPU clock speed about what we all are concern is not everything. Apple has incorporated the dual core A5 processor in the iPhone 4S, but with a decreased chip speed of 800 MHz from 1 GHz of chip speed. But the most surprising thing is that with a chip speed of only 800 MHz the iPhone 4S is still letting down all the previous phones that even had more than 1 GHz of chip speed.

In the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark the iPhone 4S bit the iPhone 4 by twice more speed. The iPhohe 4S has the speed of 2222 ms, while iPhone 4 has 3921 ms. In the Rightware BrowserMark test the iPhone 4S also bit the Samsung Galaxy S II. Samsung Galaxy S II achieved 55,144, while iPhone 4S achieved 89,567. The Geekbench test also declared the iPhone 4S as twice faster.

It has been announced at the company’s side that the CPU chip’s speed has been decreased in order to save more and more battery life.