Iphone and Ipad Now with Real Drums

Iphone, which offers more than 250,000 apps in its app stores, has now launched a new app called Real Drums 4.0. This app is compatible with iPod and iphone touch models. This new app is supposed to provide the real drumming experience in the gadget. With a whole set of drums that are easy to set up and sound applications that can be programmed to any kind of drum beat, this app gives a good sound experience. Nevertheless, the success of the app depends on how well the app sounds on the already weak sound system of iphone. Among the various defects that iphone customers have been complaining about, the poor sound system has been the major one.

Different features of the new Real Drums 4.0 app

The new app is built with several musical features. Customers do not have to suffer latency with the use of this app. Real Drums consists of six different kinds of drums such as bongos. In addition, the set also includes unique drum instruments such as Kitchen Drums, which is an assembly of different kitchen utensils. A varied range of pans and boxes made of different materials produce different sounds when played in tandem. The app also allows users to multitask while using the app. They can listen to music on iTunes and play drums alongside it. The app has been launched by iPhoneXCoder and will be available in the applications menu.

Real Drums works on different Apple devices

The app will be available for different Apple devices such as iPod Touch, Ipad and iphone. Upgrades are expected soon and will include new types of drums and some new pieces. Percussion takes on a new dimension with the launch of these apps. Apple devices and users can be effectively turned into professional drummers with the app. According to the source of release, the sounds that are played on the Real Drums app are recorded from real instruments. Customers can also use iphone settings to set and play instruments. The app is available for free download on a trial version.

Real Drums is available in different languages
The new Real Drums app will be available in languages such as German, French, Spanish, English and Italian. The app adopts whichever language your device is based on. Language configuration is available in the Settings button on all Apple devices. This app is one of the many apps that are being launched regularly. Two Apple devices, iphone 5 and Ipad 3 are in line for release.