Is Skype Trying To Jeopardize Microsoft?

Skype – Microsoft deal

Microsoft is all set to takeover Skype. The deal was closed for a whopping $8.5 billion. According to Microsoft, this has been their most expensive takeover deal. Skype has gone through a number of takeover bids. Skype was merged with e-bay two years after its launch in 2003. However, when Skype sustained a loss of $99 million in 2009, e-bay disassociated itself from it. A company called Silver Lake then took over Skype and managed it successfully grossing a profit of $13.2 million in 2010. When Microsoft offered a bid of $8.5 billion, Skype was handed over to it. Skype has a huge community online with over 170 million users. Several million users among them are paid customers.What are Microsoft’s plans for Skype?

Skype has certain very attractive voice communication and real time video features that Microsoft is definitely going to use. Microsoft plans to use Skype to enhance its Xbox Live applications, Lync, Hotmail, Outlook and Messenger. Skype will also be used in other Microsoft gadgets like phones and Kinect. Customers who already are members of Skype will be supported by Microsoft. As for changes in payments, that is a decision that is yet to be taken. Therefore, basically, Microsoft is going to use Skype to help users increase and simplify connectivity among them.

Is Skype harming Microsoft?

Although everything looked nice and rosy in the Skype-Microsoft deal, the first problem has cropped up just after a few days. Microsoft users are seeing something called easybitsgo.exe pop up on their screen every time they try to log out. On investigation, this culprit was found to have been loaded through Skype. Users have been requested not to install the popup. The file has all the features of a malware, although it is actually harmless. This intrusion into Windows has been received with gross criticism by both Microsoft and users. Skype users have also displayed their annoyance on the intrusion.

What is easybitsgo.exe?

Easybitsgo.exe is a product of the company EasyBits, which is an extra feature in Skype. Although the file is not harmful to the system in any way, it is annoying because the exe file installs itself in the system even if you deny its request. This happens if you have loaded Skype in your Windows software and enabled Skype Extras. However, the file can be easily uninstalled.

How to uninstall easybitsgo.exe?

EasyBits company has made it easy for users to uninstall the software. They provide an uninstall software as well, which can be executed in order to uninstall it. Another solution that you can use is to block the Skype Extras option. This will help if you have not already installed it. If you have, then the uninstall software can be used effectively. Skype has made it clear that its association with EasyBits and their understanding to provide updates has long been decided. The deal was made before Microsoft took over Skype. Provision of uninstall software is proof to the fact that Skype does wish to force users into using applications that are of no use to them.