iWow 3D – Enjoy Stereo Quality Sound on iPhones

The new sound amplifier – iWow 3D
iPhone has scaled massive heights ever since its release. However, the phone is not without certain drawbacks. The major complaint that users have had with iPhones is its positively bad sound quality. Be it MP3 players or in-call conversation, the sound volume of iPhones is extremely low. Although newer versions and a variety of gadgets have been released, volume issue has not been rectified. As a remedy to this problem, iWow has been introduced. This sound amplifying device corrects the problem of low sound and lets users enjoy desired benefits on an iPhone. The device is small but extremely powerful.

iWow – cheap and effective
SRS Labs, which specializes in modeling and designing electronic audio solutions, has done it again with iWow 3D. The new release from the lab is cheap, being priced at around $60. However, the performance of the device surpasses any other application meant for the purpose. As per survey, users are more satisfied with this cheap device than they are with expensive $200 or more sound amplifiers. Products from this lab are used to enhance he sound quality of a number of electronic equipments such as televisions, home stereos, car audio systems and mobile phones.
iWow 3D

Features of iWow 3D
The instrument delivers very high quality amplified sound without noise distortion. Minor sounds and beats are caught by the device with precision and users can enjoy a music experience like never before. Even minute sounds are amplified and clarified. The device is easy to use and can be easily connected to iPhone, iPad and iPod. Users can also obtain ear buds, which are detachable and custom-made.  Another very useful feature of the device is that audio and speaker settings can be adjusted as per requirements by downloading app. Apps are free but conditions apply. The bass effect of the phone is simply unsurpassable.

How to use iWow 3D?
In order to use iWow 3D, users need to have a compatible device, which in this case will be any of the Apple Inc products like iPhone, iPad and iPod. The basic requirement is that the device should have a 30-pin Apple connector. Although it is possible to use iWow even without internet connectivity, having a connection will help in downloading different iWow apps. iWow apps can be downloaded from iTunes Apps Store. Another specification required for iWow is an operating system in gadgets that is at least iOS 3.1. iWow runs on higher versions of the operating system.

Why to use iWow 3D?
The one big reason to use iWow 3D is that it amplifies and clarifies sounds on the i-devices. Other than this function, iWow 3D can be used to adjust sounds in three backgrounds – one on the electronic device while wearing headphones, second is when the device is connected to speakers and third is in cars. The sound quality of the device remains unaffectedly high, no matter what modifications are made in the settings. iWows are available on different online stores along with the attachments such as ear buds and faceplates.