Keek :– Upload Your Micro Videos For Social Networking

Keek means a small peek. In keeping with its name, Keek provides a platform where you can have a peek into the life of your friend even if he lives across the ocean. Keek is the new name of social networking. Social networking is all about connecting with friends and acquaintances all over the world. Although connecting through online chats and text messages are the most common ways of social networking, there is a better way – videos. Instead of verbally talking about little moments that you want to share with friends, you can go a step ahead and let your friends watch videos about you. Not only is this way a lot more effective than having to chat verbally, it is also quick. Keek is one of the best video social networking sites available on the internet. Well, who wouldn’t like to communicate through micro videos? There are a number of advantages of using Keek. The biggest advantage is that you can let your friends watch you through your messages.

You do not have to spend any more time in uploading videos that you do in typing texts. Keek specializes in micro videos. You can upload up to 36 seconds of videos at a time. The video can be recorded and uploaded though webcams. You can upload your latest status and share videos with as many people as you want. 
Keek is a relatively new social networking platform and was launched in September this year. This platform has become a huge range amongst youngsters. According to the executives of Keek Inc, which is a company based in Toronto, Keek has a large youth following. Three-fourths of the members enrolled in the platform are under 24. The new trend of being able to instantaneously upload and share videos for networking has opened up a huge world of opportunities for friends and acquaintances to feel closer to each other. This platform has definitely reduced distances like no other social networking site.

Keek has made a major impact on the American youngsters and has carved a strong niche for itself in the whole of North America. It already boasts of some young celebrities on its portal. The best thing about Keek is that the service is superb. The platform is fast. Furthermore, Keek is a platform that allows users to make use of all the applications provided at no extra costs. Owing to the high efficiency of the platform, you can upload and share all kinds of videos such as your travel experiences, parties and celebrations. On the platform, you also have access to the best keeks and latest keeks, many of which are fun and hilarious. You an also upload and share photographs on the site. Keek app is available on smart phones as well. You can use it on Android and iOS systems. The platform is new but it definitely has a lot of tricks stored up its sleeve. The company plans to release new features gradually. Users can already create their own communities and talk through videos. So, if you have not jumped on the Keek bandwagon, do it now and enjoy an exhilarating social networking experience.