Lenovo Launches ThinkPad Tablet

Lenovo debuts in to Android technology

The Company made its debut in the Android technology arena with a launch of two new Android devices. This includes one device that will focus on the enterprise system and Lenovo’s core ThinkPad client base. The Company is amongst the few computer sellers that are still growing strongly. Lenovo is entering the market with three devices in the tablet technology space. Two of these devices will run on Nvidia’a Tegra 2 and the third will use Windows and Intel technology.

Focus on enterprise

The ThinkPad tablet most definitively is focused on the enterprise system, which provides VPN support and other support packages. According to the Company officials, the ThinkPad tablet runs in a manner that does not require IT managers to integrate additional accessories and integration points with other devices. The tablet is available with a complete USB and SD card port. The ThinkPad tablet procures its email support features through Good Technology, which is swappable with computers that run on Windows 7 platform. The enterprises are also able to distribute applications developed by Lenovo through a custom apps store.

IdeaPad Tablet K – 1

This version of the Company’s Android enabled device is focused on the consumers. The starting price of this device is $449 for 16GB, which features Android 3.1. In addition, this device will be the first of its kind to deliver Netflix streaming. The K -1 is available with several applications and has the Lenovo touch that is advantageous for the social networking interface. Another version of this device is the 32GB option, which will be priced at $499. The third version includes a Windows 7 IdeaPad, which includes the Intel processor and aims to blend the experience of a laptop and a tablet.

ThinkPad tablet may be the best device

From the three versions that Lenovo plans to launch, experts recommend the ThinkPad tablet as the best device. The device aims at the corporate clients that is a wide and open market. Although, Apple has taken the lead with the iPad, the Company hopes that several organizations may choose the ThinkPad Tablet for their employees.

Aims at the larger corporations

Some of the larger corporations buy from Lenovo, HP, and Research in Motion. According to the Vice President of the Company’s Think Product Group, the new ThinkPad Tablet was developed after considering inputs from its clients. The primary goal of these clients was a device that did not need new wires and could be easily connected with their existing PC infrastructure.