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ThinkPad X130e On The Way To Be Released

In the modern education system study has become almost impossible without personal computers or laptops. Keeping this in mind Lenovo has planned to launch their special laptop series for students. The new ThinkPad X130e, the company has claimed is specially designed to help in education. Lenovo has incorporated the ThinkPad X130e with features, necessary for students like 33 per cent more solid corners, rubber jolts to make the sides of the laptop more bump absorber, strong hinges, more resistant and well-built ports and in addition a 1.2mm thick plastic bezel to guard the screen of the laptop.

Next Generation Xoom 2 and Xoom 2 Media Edition Revealed

Cell phone manufacturing company Motorola has recently announced their upcoming product Xoom 2. As the company said their this new tablet will come out in the market being packed with two new edition – Xoom 2 and Xoom 2 Media Edition.

Both of the tablets are coming by associating with next generation Android operating system or Android 3.2 Honeycomb. In an announcement the authority has claimed that these two model will be 10 percent lighter and 33 percent thinner than the original one.

Ideapad K1 Is Quite Great

The market for tablets is full of fierce competitors and it is growing day by day. Lenovo has recently produced the IdeaPad K1 which promises a great deal at a fair amount of money. Indeed the $499 price tag may probably be justified considering the fact that the tablet is pretty good in terms of both its looks and performance. The tablet possesses the Android Honeycomb in its 10.1 inch display. Now, it is to be seen whether this new addition to the tablet market can offer some of the best features possible or not.

New Generation Ultrabooks Ready To Hit The Market Soon

World’s leading computer manufacturing company HP and Dell are going to bring in market their first Ultrabook. Digi Times’ has leaked the news. Earlier Acer, Asus, Toshiba and Lenovo had introduced their Ultrabooks to market. HP has revealed their plans to launch their ultrabook at the very end of this year through Quanta Computer, a Taiwanese computer manufacturing company, while Dell has planned to make the first appearance of their ultrabook, co – produced by Wistron in January 2012 in CES. They have also informed that their ultrabook will be offering a 14 inch screen.

Lenovo Leads The Revolution With Thinkpad 510

Lenovo is making a bold move in the Laptop market with their newly designed laptops with upgraded features to give their customers a new range of technology. The ThinkPads are really superfast machines and they are making a real stir in the laptop market. The latest Lenovo T510 enterprise laptop comes with the latest technology available at a premium price which is not really addressed for common buyers. It is mainly for those who can afford a huge amount of money for getting the best performance out of their machines. The Lenovo T510 is packed with the 2nd generation Intel core i7 processor with a genuine Windows 7 Professional 32 Operating System that gives a perfect interface for all the buyers and a rapid performance at all levels of activity.