Lenovo Leads The Revolution With Thinkpad 510

Lenovo is making a bold move in the Laptop market with their newly designed laptops with upgraded features to give their customers a new range of technology. The ThinkPads are really superfast machines and they are making a real stir in the laptop market. The latest Lenovo T510 enterprise laptop comes with the latest technology available at a premium price which is not really addressed for common buyers. It is mainly for those who can afford a huge amount of money for getting the best performance out of their machines. The Lenovo T510 is packed with the 2nd generation Intel core i7 processor with a genuine Windows 7 Professional 32 Operating System that gives a perfect interface for all the buyers and a rapid performance at all levels of activity.

Technically the processors are totally sound and gives the best when computing and performing any tasks at the fastest possible speeds. The Ram however could have been given a little more boost since it is presently 2 GB DDR3 SD RAM which is  however backed a lot be the giant processor that has been installed in the machine. The Intel Integrated graphics is also terrific for all types of video quality and maximum productivity whenever necessary. There is also provision for adding the ATI integrated Hybrid Graphics that can be pretty useful in the long run. The T510 has a wide screen of 15.6” HD and it is also provide with Anti-Glare technology that protects the eyesight of the users to the maximum level.  It supports up to resolution of 1600×1200 which is enough for your performance. The boot up time is really fast thanks to the Lenovo Rapid Fast Technology SSD.

The 320 GB hard disk is compatible for storing large number of documents and it can be expanded further by adding an external Hard Disk provide by Lenovo. The Hard Disk provides enough help to the users to keep all their data in one place and back up your important documents at will. The laptop is lightweight and carrying it from one place to another is not a headache any more. Also it has got long battery life which is essential for professionals who has to work on it for long period of time. The Lenovo carry case is also hardy and is easy to handle while on the move. It is available at the market at a premium price of 100k but it is expected to be slashed a bit in the future months.