Malwares are hiding on devices

Any gadget that employees bring to his work might become the reason of serious infection for a company’s site.  If IT has not prepared for the worse, then it might be subjected to attacks from Trojan and other malware, which want to infect and control your computer.

The problem is far worse than people thinks it is.

Some devices created outside the country might contain malwares inside the devices.

There are numerous electronic devices built abroad – most of the companies that build the device do not like the US.  It only means that there would be future enemies that have inserted a bit of malware into the devices they are selling. Such a device could infect the government system though hand carries by an unsuspecting government official.

There are malwares that can slip into the devices without the knowledge of manufacturers.  Still, there are others who deliberately slipped in malware on the device they created.

Acting deputy undersecretary of the DHS National Protection and Programs Directorate Greg Schaffer did not give the full details, but admitted that the DHS had found a terrifying truth during investigations.  In the past few months than it had at the time the Cyberspace Policy Review published at an earlier time this year.

Suppliers of devices to the US come from a lot of countries, which may have a secret grudge on the US.   The company checking each device would need to exert more effort in finding such malware hidden in the device than those working in the government.

Report say malware could be dormant for years until the time that countries that hate US would need them.  The present malware could cause the computer to shut down unexpectedly.

Government officials call for the close supervision of any devices entering into their system.   However, it will not mean that it could prevent such malware infection.

The report concludes there is no way that the act will prevent such a problem.

A few corrupted countries capable of such attacks are China, North Korea, Iran and others countries that have evil intentions.  Malicious firmware gives an entry point to remote-control software.

At the moment, it is hard to tell if this secret is indeed true or just a senseless worry like the meteor that is going to come to destroy the planet.

Just in case, if the reports are indeed true, software Security Company needs to develop software capable of detecting not only those virus signatures, but also the malicious activity of that the virus are doing.

Email, USB drives, malicious web sites, might carry such viruses so better stay away from using these devices whenever an individual does their job.