Microsoft Has Finally Won Deal Over Skype

Microsoft is targeting to buy the online telephone service Skype for a long time. At last Microsoft is seemed to acquire the long expected thing. Microsoft is going to secure the deal with Brussels in $ 8.5 billion. There had been a long time disturbance between Microsoft and the European competition authorities. The deal is expected to bring a change in the relation.

After Microsoft bundled the deal, other competitors claimed that they were also capable of winning the deal with its Windows Operating System. But Joaquin Almunia who is the commissioner of European Competition is supposed to allow Microsoft to acquire it. But the deal is yet too considered in Russia, Ukraine, Serbia and Taiwan.

It is being considered as “good luck factor” for Microsoft that Joaquin Almunia did consider the deal for the second time by taking more time. Later on, while discussing on the topic the US Federal Trade Commission commented that the enough competition for the deal was a point of satisfaction.

Microsoft was at the opponent party of the EU commission, situated in Brussels after Microsoft won the right to found the Internet Explorer and its media player software, which was in the Windows Operation System. So keeping this in mind it was not expected that Microsoft would win the deal so easily and quickly. But as Microsoft won the battle so smoothly it seemed that Microsoft’s had received a good fortune to make it in spite of all the tensions with EU commission.

Microsoft believed that if they became successful to put Skype together the value of their products would increase because not only Skype has 145 million active users, but it also has number of outstanding software applications. They have also guaranteed that all the future specs that Skype would bring in market would be available on more than one platform like OS X and Android.