More Details about iPhone 5 Revealed

iPhone 5 has been under speculations ever since it was announced. More concrete evidence has now come to light that Apple is planning for the fifth generation phone to be more than just an upgrade. The phone features a new size and is a lot more powerful than its predecessors. The major changes in the appearance of the phone are a slimmer design and bigger display. Shaw Wu, an analyst, said that the phone does seem to be a lot more than an upgrade of the previous version. The facts have come to light through chain supply sources. iPhone 4 has a 3.5 inch screen and the new phone will definitely have a bigger display although the overall size will be same. A bigger screen is expected to make usage easier. The processor used in the phone will be A5 processor. iPad 2 also uses the same processor.

The phone will not be equipped with 4G LTE connectivity.

The major hurdles that Apple seems to be facing in providing high speed connectivity are a weak battery life and uninterrupted connectivity. Battery life is something that Apple will have to figure out fast because it has been a problem ever since the first iPhone released. Wu said that the problem will definitely be solved in the near future.  Reports about an October release have been going round since last week. The release date of iPhone 5 is definitely new in iPhone history since June-July is the time when Apple launches its new phones. The fall release is probably due to technical snags. China seems to be a step ahead in viewing the phone. iPhone 5 cases have been released in China and they depict curved edges, which has fuelled further rumors that the new phone will have a more streamlined surface.

Although rumors about a bigger screen for iPhone 5 have been doing rounds, this latest news has come as a confirmation. Experts are still unsure as to what other features the new phone will be. However, the news that is being released sporadically has been largely contradictory. While previous releases have shown that the phone will retain the design of iPhone 4, this latest news reveals that the phone will be different in appearance and size of the screen. While Apple patrons wait for the now postponed October release of the fifth generation phone, the most recent news released by Shaw Wu seems to be the most accurate.