MSI X460DX Is Simply Superb With Its Performance And Looks

As the competition starts growing more and more in the notebook market manufacturers have started to apply a combination of smart looks and performances. The MSI X460DX is a good looking device as well as a powerful performer. It has some of the best specifications and is ready to take on the market of the notebooks. The MSI X460DX-006US model is powered by the 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5 2410M processor. It has a breathtaking 6GB of RAM. Hence it is quite clear that this new addition to the notebook industry is quite high on performance. The X460DX has a 500GB 7200 rpm hard disk drive which is quite fast when it is compared to its other competitors. The graphics performance is maintained by the Nvidia GeForce GT540M GPU combined with a 1GB of VRAM and of course the Optimus technology.

The battery backup is around 7 hours. There are other models as well. The 004US has 2 GHz Intel Core i7 2630QM processor with a RAM of 6GB and a hard disk drive of 750GB 7200 rpm. The Intel HD 3000 GPU is present. The 008US has a 2.53 GHz Core i3 2310M processor with a RAM of 4GB and a hard disk drive of 500GB 7200 rpm. It has the Nvidia GeForce GT540M with the Optimus technology.

The notebook is black in colour and has the brushed aluminium finish. The 14 Inch display has a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. The pictures are bright and clear. However when it came to the sound quality one may feel that it is not up to the mark. The touchpad and the black matte keyboard is nice looking. But one may wonder why so much space has been left unutilised round the keyboard because of the fact that it is slightly comfortable to use the keyboard as there is very little space to run your fingers through. The touchpad is responsive and below the touchpad and the mouse button there is a series of buttons.

A number of ports are available on the notebook. There is one USB 2.0 port and two USB 3.0 ports. There are many other ports including the HDMI port, Ethernet port, headphone and microphone jack and a secure lock. A DVD player is also present. The 1.3 megapixel BisonCam webcam is not bad at all. It produces clear images and good sound quality during a call.

The MSI X460DX has a very good performance rate but there are some disadvantages as well like that of the keyboard and the sound quality.