New iPhone To Be Announced A Few Weeks From Now

An employee of Apple Inc has revealed that the official announcement regarding the phone will be made a few weeks from now. He has however, refrained from revealing his name. Nevertheless, talks about the launch have picked up following this revelation. Along with the revelation, images of the phone were posted as well. However, the website that revealed the phone quickly took it off the pages and posted a message that hinted on a release in a short period. The images that were posted on the site looked authentic. But since they were taken off in a short while, there is also speculation their images were only posted to boost the publicity quotient of the website. However, whether pictures or not, the news about the impending announcement sure seems to be true.

Furthermore, this is not the first time that such happenings have occurred before the release of products from Apple. Doubts linger about the images, as ever. The lack of announcement regarding the phone, so late in the year, has triggered innumerable rumors regarding the release.  Insiders from also revealed that the new phone will be different in design and features from its predecessor, iPhone 4.  The revealer also said that the internal features will vary as well. The camera will be a special feature of the new phone. In comparison to the existing five mega pixel camera in iPhone 4, the new phone is expected to have an eight mega pixel camera. The phone is expected to have a Sony camera, as the chief executive Howard Stringer revealed. He had accidentally let know that Sony eight mega pixel cameras would be used to upgrade the iPhone.

Another revelation was that the device would have an A5 dual core processor, which is faster and more powerful than its predecessors. Another new development that is expected either in the impending release or in the one after that is the inclusion of Qualcomm manufactured chip, which will be inclusive of a number of functions including NFC, which is the online bill payments technology. NFC will make the phone work akin to a credit card when used to make payments. NFC can be one of the most useful features of an iPhone and can get ahead of most of its rivals of the moment. With this facility, users of smart phones will be able to pay their bills through iTunes. The features of the phone will be revealed when the official announcement is made, as per news, in a few weeks.