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Apple On The Way To Launch iTunes store in Latin America

Apple has finally been known to open its iTunes store containing music and movie in total 16 Latin American countries. The company has posted in its official website that the store will contain all of the local and international music of all chief and famous labels. Users will be able to choose from 20 million song and 1000 movies in the primary stage. The company has not yet declared anything about the television shows. The Latin American countries that will enjoy the iTunes store are Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, , Honduras, , Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela.

New iPhone To Be Announced A Few Weeks From Now

An employee of Apple Inc has revealed that the official announcement regarding the phone will be made a few weeks from now. He has however, refrained from revealing his name. Nevertheless, talks about the launch have picked up following this revelation. Along with the revelation, images of the phone were posted as well. However, the website that revealed the phone quickly took it off the pages and posted a message that hinted on a release in a short period. The images that were posted on the site looked authentic. But since they were taken off in a short while, there is also speculation their images were only posted to boost the publicity quotient of the website. However, whether pictures or not, the news about the impending announcement sure seems to be true.

Apple Sued For Patent Violation By Droplets Inc

Apple has been sued for patent infringement by Draplets Inc. The violation is regarding tools and applications on itunes, movie trailer sites and its official website. ITunes is the application that is used for all purposes on Apple gadgets, both for smart phones and iPads. The company that has taken Apple to court is a company based in Texas. The court has been filed in Eastern Texas District Court of the United States. This is a place where patent infringement cases are dealt with very seriously and quickly. The right holders are usually favored and the decision process is short in most of the cases. Droplets Inc, the software firm, is a company that has several high profile clients such as Borland and IBM.

ITunes Match Beta Opens Rather Quietly

ITunes Match service, which is to be launched shortly, has come out with its Beta version. Apple has rather quietly released the Beta version in order to accommodate additional developers of apps. This new version is scheduled to be launched this fall. This is, however, not the first release of the service. Previously, the service was opened for a short while in August. It was only open for a few days before closing.

iOS Will Support Google Music Via Web Application

Search engine giant Google has recently developed a new software that is quiet being able to allow iPad, iPod as well as iPhone touch users for accessing their Music Beta service. The entire application will come out by holding the hand of Safari browser at music.google.com in spite of the Application Store. So, in spite of the need for an App store, Apple usually needs for by passing  their official approved application.