New Update In Samsung-Apple Patent War

The two tech giants Samsung and Apple were fighting for a long time over patent issues. Their last session of fight took place in a San Jose Ca. court in the last week. In the last April Apple registered complaint against Samsung that Samsung had copied the general design of iphone and ipad in its Galaxy smartphones and tabs respectively. Apple further extended their claim over the appearance of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Nexus S and Droid Charge. The tribunal was to begin from 30th July in 2012 but Apple emphasized on a temporary ban over selling mentioned Samsung devices in United States. However, Lucy Koh who is a United States District Judge rejected the appeal of Apple. She mentioned it to be an unusual solution.

Although she is fishy about Samsung’s violating Apple’s patent rules, it is now Apple’s responsibility to prove the validity of their claim. A handy size, an enough large screen and a speaker in the frontage of the smartphone device, according to judge Koh are features that should be described as functional not just visual. That is why she thinks there is nothing wrong for Samsung in incorporating those features in smartphones and tabs even if Apple maintains the same for its iPhones and ipads.

The final decision will come in the next year but Samsung has already revised the design of its Galaxy tab 10.1 to dodge the sales ban in Germany. But positively for Samsung in the last week the Australian High Court canceled the ban placed by Justice Bennett stopping Samsung from selling Galaxy tab 10.1 in Germany. However, after the trial Apple cannot stop Samsung from selling Galaxy tab 10.1 before further court decision. However it is time to just wait for the next year and see what happens at last.