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Samsung Finally Win Over The Patent Case With Apple

The fights over patent issues have been going on for a long time between Samsung and Apple. But the Korean tech giant is seems to win over the final fight. Today the Australian court finally rejected Apple’s appeal against the rejection of the ban put on Samsung’s Galaxy tab 10.1 sell in place in Australia by Justice Bennett. Samsung had appealed to the Federal Court of Appeals in October against the ban and the court made its decision in support of the Korean tech giant.

New Update In Samsung-Apple Patent War

The two tech giants Samsung and Apple were fighting for a long time over patent issues. Their last session of fight took place in a San Jose Ca. court in the last week. In the last April Apple registered complaint against Samsung that Samsung had copied the general design of iphone and ipad in its Galaxy smartphones and tabs respectively. Apple further extended their claim over the appearance of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Nexus S and Droid Charge. The tribunal was to begin from 30th July in 2012 but Apple emphasized on a temporary ban over selling mentioned Samsung devices in United States. However, Lucy Koh who is a United States District Judge rejected the appeal of Apple. She mentioned it to be an unusual solution.

Apple Sued For Patent Violation By Droplets Inc

Apple has been sued for patent infringement by Draplets Inc. The violation is regarding tools and applications on itunes, movie trailer sites and its official website. ITunes is the application that is used for all purposes on Apple gadgets, both for smart phones and iPads. The company that has taken Apple to court is a company based in Texas. The court has been filed in Eastern Texas District Court of the United States. This is a place where patent infringement cases are dealt with very seriously and quickly. The right holders are usually favored and the decision process is short in most of the cases. Droplets Inc, the software firm, is a company that has several high profile clients such as Borland and IBM.

Android Now In Lenovo Tablet

Lenovo has revealed its latest tablet based on Android technology. The price is surprisingly low at $199. The features of the tablet are some of the best among Android tablets that are priced below $200. The image clarity of the device is good with 1024×600 pixels. The gadget sports a touch screen.

Samsung’s Forthcoming Tablet Galaxy Tab 7.7 Will Appear At IFA

Hidden sources of Samsung has uncovered that Android giant Samsung is planned to launch their next generation Galaxy Tab i.e. Galaxy Tab 7.7 at the upcoming IFA event.

The above sources have also stated that apart from the tab Samsung has also decided to unveil two brand new products also – A mystery device named as Galaxy Note and Wave 3 Smartphone.