No Apple iPhone 5 or Baby iPhone Will Launch Until The Beginning Of 2012

The latest buzz on Wall Street Journal said that the company Apple would not be launching any fifth generation iPhone or any baby iPhone until the beginning of the 2012.

With the sequence to the fact Keith Bachman, Barron reporter of BMO Capital Markets declared his client “We are now believing that iPhone 5 will launch in the beginning or middle of 2012.” Though others are starting to believe that new version of iPhone 4 i.e. iPhone 4S will launch this year. Now many press reports are also starting to believe this thing.

Aside from that mountains of rumors have spread out earlier which stated that iPhone 5 will launch at an August or September.

To justify the fact Bachman’s has already made a complete note. In this note many business insider stated that Apple will reduce the price of their existing iPhone in order to get more user. They also think that Apple must make a carrier subsidized iPhone 3GS for free, aside from that Apple must sell the iPhone 4 for $99 and if iPhone 5 launches the price of it will be within its usual entry point of $199 to $299.

Although, there after Abrmasky said “As I think the baby iPhone will be a cheaper one and may be a smaller version of the iPhone 4, which apple is supposedly developing in order to survive in the present market, but it will not come in the market until the beginning of 2012.”

Moreover, the processors of older version of iPhone may not optimize all kinds of upgrades that’s why Apple is now busy in planning of launching this fall such as iOS 5, iCloud locker and music service. As, various resources stated that these services may be launched within this year.