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Apple Acquired More Wealth Than US Government

Wednesday, a financial statement has released by the US Treasury that has stated that Apple has currently acquire much more liquid cash as well as marketable securities than the existing US government.

In the middle of the last week the authority of Apple has made an announcement in the Wall Street Journal by stating that they have made $28.57 billion with a net profit of $ 7.31 billion. Which, they have described as their best quarter till beginning. As soon as they have posted that, their stalk prices have increased by $400 earlier this week.

No Apple iPhone 5 or Baby iPhone Will Launch Until The Beginning Of 2012

The latest buzz on Wall Street Journal said that the company Apple would not be launching any fifth generation iPhone or any baby iPhone until the beginning of the 2012.

With the sequence to the fact Keith Bachman, Barron reporter of BMO Capital Markets declared his client “We are now believing that iPhone 5 will launch in the beginning or middle of 2012.” Though others are starting to believe that new version of iPhone 4 i.e. iPhone 4S will launch this year. Now many press reports are also starting to believe this thing.

Aside from that mountains of rumors have spread out earlier which stated that iPhone 5 will launch at an August or September.

To justify the fact Bachman’s has already made a complete note. In this note many business insider stated that Apple will reduce the price of their existing iPhone in order to get more user. They also think that Apple must make a carrier subsidized iPhone 3GS for free, aside from that Apple must sell the iPhone 4 for $99 and if iPhone 5 launches the price of it will be within its usual entry point of $199 to $299.

Although, there after Abrmasky said “As I think the baby iPhone will be a cheaper one and may be a smaller version of the iPhone 4, which apple is supposedly developing in order to survive in the present market, but it will not come in the market until the beginning of 2012.”

Moreover, the processors of older version of iPhone may not optimize all kinds of upgrades that’s why Apple is now busy in planning of launching this fall such as iOS 5, iCloud locker and music service. As, various resources stated that these services may be launched within this year.

IMF- The Latest Name Of Big Suffer Hacking Attack

It is a bad news to all of us that the International Monetary Fund has now been under attack by the hackers; also it is one of the latest viction of a high profile cyber crime wave. More likely the company of Sony and Codemasters has already been suffered due to this recent data branches that were also associated by the hackers, but in this case it is not just a tech and gaming giants, it stores the backup of their information about the properties on line.

In the recent time the IMF has already break the headlines due to its former head Dominique Strauss Khan, who has been arrested due to the sexual assault, so the searching for a new head are now still continuous, so it is not only the problem which the intergovernmental organization already dealing with.

Sensitive Information:
Due to the work on the overseeing global financial system, now IMF has massively sensitive information that is now representing a real prize to some people. In this regard David Hawely told in the Wall Street Journal “We had an accident, though we are investing it and this fund is completely functional.”

Though the complete details of what information has yet been compromised, have not emerged yet, but now it is much more clear that any important information which is stored in the online is much more likely become as a target for the cybercriminals.

Still some cyber reporters indicated that this was not just a mischievous attack, but in spite of that it is a carefully orchestrated attempt to circumvent to the society of the IMF or International Monetary Fund. Also, the FBI is now investigating on this case after this story has been broking out on the New York Times over this weekend.

High-Margin SMS Business Carriers Slow Down

Near about 4 years of wireless carriers in the country of US has now been making a brilliant chunk of revenue from the text messaging, which is charging anything around $0.20 for a text towards $20 a month for the unlimited text messaging plan. But it is very sorry to say that the proper growth in the volume of the messaging text has now been slowing down due to increment of the smartphone messaging applications as well as continuous rising of the email.

So according to the organization of the wireless tread just only 1 trillion of the texts message were sent in the 2nd part of the 2010. It happens in such condition while that still represents an incensement of 8.8% from the prior 6th months that can also be declared as the slimmest gain in the past decade.

Moreover this trend will luckily to continue along with several services like BlackBerry’s messenger as well as the newly launched iMessage from the house of the Apple. Aside from that Wall Street Journal also says that Google is now also working on its self IM services for the Android, though they already have one i.e. Google talk. Whatever the case going through, but still AT&T believes that their high demand for the texting plans must be persisted for a long time as because they are not locked down towards a single platform or circumstances.

Instant messaging application from the Kik to WhatsApp always give people the potentiality of exchanging text as well as photos across many platforms without taking any extra charges, but the main fact is still a vast majority of the people are using so-called features of the mobile phones where these application cannot reach. Which is also going to change over the time when the adoption of the smartphone continuous to grow as well as we are not going to see a declaration in the usage of the SMS, but also the regular voice calls because the people start using VoIP now.

But it is sorry to say still there are some carriers which always charge customers more for the usage of data in order to make up for the decline.

EA Launching Digital Download Service Origin

The Computer Game publishing giant Electronic Arts or EA is now making up their mind on Valve’s Stream along with the launching of its own digital distribution platform “Dubbed Origin”. It was according to the report publish on the “Wall Street Journal”, this new service function based on a single store and gaming platform on the PC will quite be able to let new and existing customers “purchase , download as well as keep the track” of their games.