Nokia 700 Is The Best Product From Nokia Symbian Belle Technology

Newly released Nokia 700 has been declared as the best handset to run on the latest operating system Symbian Belle. The phone has garnered mass appreciation in all the places that it has been released. The world of smart phones has now undergone a major shift from being handset based to operating system based. The Symbian Belle operating system has definitely boosted the sales of Nokia phones. A month ago, the sales figures of the previous quarter were released and Nokia was in for a rude shock since it was dethroned from the top position by Apple and Samsung. Nokia slipped to the third spot for the first time in nine years in the smart phone market. The tie up with Microsoft is expected to increase the sales of Nokia products. According to all the reviews and customer feedback, the Symbian Belle operating system has definitely given the company a boost because of its efficiency. The new nomenclature procedure adopted by Nokia is also appealing and customer-friendly.

Nokia 700 is the higher version among phone sets. Phones will be named based on numbers from 100 to 900 and the ascending order also depicts an ascending trend in quality, complexity and price. The two zeroes following the first digit are the serial number of phones in that variety. In the 700 series, Nokia 700 is the first launch followed by 701 which is the next.

Nokia 700 has gained popularity due to its compact design. The phone is slim, being just 9.7mm and a comfortably sized touch screen. The phone has also been given the distinction of being the best compact model in the world. The screen is a very attractive feature of Nokia 700 and offers high quality picture. It is provided Clear Black display which makes the screen clarity crystal clear. The phone is topped with Gorilla Glass Screen. While Nokia 500 is a lower version, 700 is a higher version and equipped with 1 GHz processor. The phone has also been provided with NFC which helps in immediate transfer of files just by tapping the phones that are involved in transfer. Usage of Bluetooth has also been made very easy.

The camera provided in Nokia 700 is one of the best. It has a 5 megapixel camera and a LED Flash. Video clips can be shot with a high definition of 720 pixels. The phone has been offered in three colors – silver, white, black, peacock blue, purple and coral red. Added to all these are the use of Symbian Belle and the phone definitely becomes one of the most powerful in the Nokia series.