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Nokia Is Set To Release Its New Nokia 700

Nokia has been rocking the mobile phones market for quite a long time now and the reason for their supremacy is because of the quality of products that they are manufacturing and therefore enjoys a fair share of customer’s confidence on them. They are bringing out latest handsets one by one and they are also finding good market demand as well. Thus the brand name of Nokia is helping a lot for increasing the sale of these latest handsets. Similar to previous versions of its touch phones the world leading giant is bringing out a new model, the Nokia 700 which has got good looking stylish interface and powerful features that will let it stay afloat in all types of touch phones manufactured by other competitive brands.

Nokia 700 Is The Best Product From Nokia Symbian Belle Technology

Newly released Nokia 700 has been declared as the best handset to run on the latest operating system Symbian Belle. The phone has garnered mass appreciation in all the places that it has been released. The world of smart phones has now undergone a major shift from being handset based to operating system based. The Symbian Belle operating system has definitely boosted the sales of Nokia phones. A month ago, the sales figures of the previous quarter were released and Nokia was in for a rude shock since it was dethroned from the top position by Apple and Samsung. Nokia slipped to the third spot for the first time in nine years in the smart phone market. The tie up with Microsoft is expected to increase the sales of Nokia products.