Nokia Gets A New Executive President And Chief Technology Officer In Henry Tirri

Nokia has announced the appointment of a new executive president and chief technology officer. Henry Tirri will take on the responsibilities and will also be a member of the Leadership Team of the company. The appointment was made public today. Tirri will report to Stephen Elop, the CEO and President of Nokia. Tirri will be responsible for formulating the schedule for Nokia technology for the present and future. He will also be responsible for developing and creating new business opportunities for the company with the future in mind. Before his appointment as the chief technology officer and executive president, Tirri headed the Nokia Research Center. Following his appointment, Tirri will shift base to California. He holds a Ph. D degree in Computer Science from Finland University of Helsinki.

According to CEO of Nokia, Stephen, Henry Tirri will pave way for future developments of the mobile industry. He has also been the leader and the driving force behind development of new technologies. The previous Chief Technology Officer, Richard Green, has decided to retire from the company. The CEO also thanked the retiring CTO for all the services he offered to the company in making the company the biggest selling mobile phone manufacturer in the world. Although this year, Nokia slipped to the third place in smart phone sale figures, it is still the largest selling brand overall. Tirri will work towards making the company top in all aspects. Before becoming the permanent head, Henry Tirri was appointed the temporary chief technology officer four months ago. He has been working with the company ever since 2004.

The outgoing chief technology officer, Richard Green, has been on leave of absence since June. Media reports suggest a possible rift between Green and the CEO as the reason for Green’s retirement. It has also been reported that Green will look for new opportunities in the United States. A full official report is yet to be released in the press. Experts are of the opinion that it has to be seen if Tirri will prove effective for the company. He has a big job ahead of him since Nokia sales are not as high as they were. Smart phone industry has to be uplifted. The recent collaboration between Nokia and Microsoft will also have to be optimized for the benefit of both parties. A lot of changes in strategy planning and technological development will have to take place for Nokia to connect back with its customers and prevent lose of customer base.