Nokia N9 Launch Planned For October This Year But Will It Cost $999?

After long procrastination and continuous delay in launching, Nokia N9 launch will take place in October this year. Although there is no official announcement from Nokia regarding the price of the phone, it is being said that it will cost around a $1000, which is way too high in the existing market with Android and Apple gadgets available for much less.

The gadget will use the operating system MeeGo and will be the only phone in the current market to use it. The network provider will be Vodafone. The one change in phone specifications is that the device will be released only in black, contrary to the announcement in June, which promised a three color choice. Apart from black, blue and pink devices were promised in June.

The phone will have an AMOLED touch screen measuring 3.9 inches and an 854×480 pixel screen resolution. The phone will be a complete touch model. The other features of the phone are 1GHZ ARM processor of generation A8 and a RAM of 1GB. One of the best features of the existing Nokia phones, an 8 mega pixel camera with Car Zeiss lens, will also be incorporated into the new phone.

The battery life of Nokia devices has always been appreciated. The N9 phone will hold up to six and a half hours of talk time on WCDMA 3G and eleven hours on GSM. In standby mode, the GSM version can sustain for 340 hours and in WCDMA version, the battery life will be 420 hours. The phone will also have fifty hour music playback time and five hours of video playback time. On internet connectivity, WLAN can run up to six and a half hours and HSDPA 3G can run up to five hours.

The phone will be equipped with excellent email and messaging features. The interface is easy as well. Emails will be provided with support for attachments in various formats such as pdf, odp, pptx, ppt, ods, xlsx, xls, docx and doc besides html support. Instant chat facility will be available with support for Gtalk, FaceBook and Skype. The level of multi-tasking is also higher in the phone.

Navigation and mapping is another attractive feature of the phone. It comes with an inbuilt Integrated GPS and A-GPS receivers with access to Ovi maps that allow voice guided navigation while driving and walking. Wi-Fi can be used to download maps directly to the phone.