Samsung Android Galaxy on Top

According to latest surveys, Samsung has overtaken Nokia and the Galaxy series reins supreme all over the world. The Galaxy series, which is powered by Android, has shown very close sale figures to Apple iPhones. While sales are on an increase, newer and better versions of Android Gingerbread are being made available by AT&T. The update is available for all the phones that run on Android. Although several companies like Samsung are fighting lawsuits against patent violation by Android, slapped on them by Apple and Microsoft, Android has proved to be a very financially viable option for the companies.

The latest sales figures of Samsung Galaxy have registered an enormous increase, having managed to sell more than five million smart phones in the past three months. Apart from Galaxy sales, which comprise of only 25% of entire Android sales, the company has sold millions of other smart phones. On the whole, the company is said to have sold more than 19 million handsets in the second quarter alone. The company has enjoyed a major profit percentage owing to its adaptation to Android.

Samsung is on the verge of launching the second generation of Galaxy phones called Galaxy S II. As of now, the phone is available in certain southeastern Asian countries and South Korea. A few countries of Europe also sell the new version. It is yet to land on the shores of the United States. If things go as per schedule, the phone will be released in the United States in August. The phone, which is Android based, is said to include dual core processor. Although Samsung has a range of smart phones, all the best ones are based on Google’s Android technology.

Apart from Galaxy S II, the most awaited product from the house of Samsung is the Samsung Tab 10.1. The tablet is being seen as a staunch competitor to iPad. Further, while Apple is still deliberating on the inclusion of 4G network in its phone, Samsung tablet will have 4G LTE connectivity, which is several notches better than 4G as well. The network will be supported by Verizon and will have a Nvidia Tegra 2 dual core. The tablet will also have two cameras, one in the front with 2 mega pixel camera and one at the back with 3 mega pixel camera. It will be available in two variants – 16GB, which will be available for $529.99 and 32GB, which will be available for $629.99.