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Samsung Made No Plans For Galaxy S Value Pack Updates

Korean tech giant Samsung has not yet planed to make value pack updates with added features for Galaxy S – said by a spokesperson of Samsung. He not only said that but has confirmed that to the Next Web also. Before it, many rumors were said that Samsung was working hard to make an alternative of Android 4.0 OS by rapping some additional features and new frameworks with in its earlier version i.e. Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Samsung Android Galaxy on Top

According to latest surveys, Samsung has overtaken Nokia and the Galaxy series reins supreme all over the world. The Galaxy series, which is powered by Android, has shown very close sale figures to Apple iPhones. While sales are on an increase, newer and better versions of Android Gingerbread are being made available by AT&T. The update is available for all the phones that run on Android. Although several companies like Samsung are fighting lawsuits against patent violation by Android, slapped on them by Apple and Microsoft, Android has proved to be a very financially viable option for the companies.