Samsung wants to ban sales of Iphone 4S in France, Italy

Samsung Electronics want to ban the sales of Apple‘s new iPhone less than a day following the unveiling, which intensifies a legal dispute between the two top brands.

It is going to file legal cases in other countries in an effort to stop the transaction of the iPhone 4S after further review, the South Korean maker of Galaxy smartphones and tablets said in a statement.

Samsung has come out as a likely competitor to Apple’s mobile devices, and the two companies are battling over exclusive rights in courtrooms all over the world.  The two companies sued each other in 10 countries that involve over 20 cases since April.

The current round from Samsung comes following the launch of Apple’s newest iPhone had left investors, and Apple fans wishing for more than a souped-up version of its earlier  device presented over a year ago. Apple shares fell in so far as 5 percent before recovering to close down 0.6 percent on Tuesday.

Samsung claims that Apple continually violating their intellectual property rights and free-ride on their technology. They are always ready to protect their intellectual property.

Samsung said during the initial injunction appeals for a ban on iPhone 4S sales is going to be filed on Wednesday, and each case includes two patent infringements associated to its wireless technology.

Under French and Italian laws, companies have the power to seek and courts can ask for a ban on sales of a product even prior to hitting the market, Samsung spokesman James Chung told Reuters.

Apple and Samsung are the topmost companies that are competing in the top spot, in the global smartphone market.

However, the strengthening legal battle with Apple is likely to derail Samsung’s telecoms and component businesses. Apple is the main customer of Samsung, mainly buying  chips and displays.

On Tuesday, Apple discarded an offer from Samsung in settling a tablet computer dispute in Australia, maybe killing off the commercial practicality of the new Galaxy tablet in that market.

On Friday, Samsung is going to release a report about its lower quarterly earnings  on enduring declines in chip prices, while investors look for indications its telecom business can carry on its booming growth.

Samsung’s escalating attack comes after a series of hindrances in Europe and Australia.

Apple and Samsung  scheduled to meet again in courtrooms, in the United States, the Netherlands and South Korea, after that week.

Apple believes Samsung’s Galaxy line of mobile phones and tablets “slavishly” copied its iPhone and iPad.