Motorola Mobillity secures ban against Apple in Germany

Apple Inc have a miserable time this week as they are facing a lawsuit in the European courts. On Friday, the giant company had a patent infringement battle with Motorola Mobility in Germany – this in the same week that a Spanish court also ruled against the Cupertino-based company.

According to a blog post written by Florian Mueller, the Mannheim Regional Court had granted Motorola Mobility a ban against Apple, maker of the iPhone and iPad.


Samsung wants to ban sales of Iphone 4S in France, Italy

Samsung Electronics want to ban the sales of Apple’s new iPhone less than a day following the unveiling, which intensifies a legal dispute between the two top brands.

It is going to file legal cases in other countries in an effort to stop the transaction of the iPhone 4S after further review, the South Korean maker of Galaxy smartphones and tablets said in a statement.