Skype App Appears in Apple Store and Disappears Within a Few Hours

After more than a month of waiting, the users of iPad could access the Skype app, albeit for just a few hours. Users of iPad have been expecting the app for more than a month now. However, it was only today that the much awaited app appeared at the Apple Store. Users who noticed the addition made a quick grab at it but to their disappointment, the app was pulled back within a few hours. With iPad 2 being equipped with a larger screen, user can enjoy the facility of video chatting in a much better manner. Further, the screen clarity and crispness of image has also been enhanced in iPad 2, which makes Skype experience much better for users. Chatting through Wi-Fi is possible with Skype all on the smart gadget.

However, shortly after being made available in the Apple store, Skype pulled out the Skype app.

In a tweet on Twitter, a spokesperson of Skype tweeted that the release was premature and hence has been pulled. Apologies were rendered for the inconvenience caused. It was also assured that Skype will make an appearance soon and will be here to stay. It was in June that Skype made its intention of creating an app for iPad public. Users have been eagerly waiting for the app ever since. The announcement was made through a YouTube release. However, the video that was first released publicly was changed into private viewing soon after release, thus curbing public viewing.

The Skype app will have a lot of special features, which were not seen before. The app was a tough competitor for FaceTime service, which is an in-built service by Apple in iPad. The app provides dual windows on the screen. While one window depicts the person who you are talking to, the other window can be used either to see another person who might be talking to or to see yourself. The other features provided in the app are text chat which can be used for video chat since it has been suitable integrated, and phone dialing.

The advantage that the Skype app will have over Apple’s FaceTime app is that it will function on 3G, thus providing better service. As of now, FaceTime is Wi-Fi enabled. According to sources in Apple, the FaceTime app will soon be made accessible over 3G network as well. Although the Skype app was pulled off air within a few hours, no mention has been made about the actual release date. Users will have to continue looking forward to the release of this much awaited app.