Skype Gearing Up to iPad App

Good news for the iPad owners as Skype is primed to commence a new iPad App. Rick Osterloh who is the Vice president of consumer and product design in Skype said to TUAW that the company is waiting for Apple’s approval over this App and soon the release date will be disclosed in general. It is the first Apple App by Skype after 2009 which was an iPhone Application.  He added that the iPhone application was a success whose userbase just got doubled in just a month. Same hopes are for the iPad Application which is under testing period for a couple of months or more. There are a number of features that this Skype Application will bring to iPad and turn your iOS experience more fun and exciting.

iPad App of Skype is more or less similar to that of iPhone in concern of functionality that includes video and audio calling and other features like chatting. Late in this week, there was a video preview of this App released by the company that showed the trailer of the success story of this iPad App and also revealed some of its features as mentioned above. Since iPad varies with Mac and OC in methodology of dealing with files, there are few features like knack to share files etc. will be absent from the iPad App. In the full version of Skype which is for Mac and PC, such features are included, as stated by TUAW. The second generation iPad of Apple comprises of dual facing cameras which are best for video chatting therefore, this new App of Skype goes well with iPad 2. The camera of iPad 2 enhances the efficacy of this App and thus makes it more fun. Osterloh also states that Apple has been very supportive of the iPad App by Skype though it has its own iOS video chatting app, FaceTime.


Looking at the great vitality of this iPad app by Skype, another high profile tech company, Facebook is heading towards the idea of an iPad app which is supposed to be released this summer. The company has a well-liked iPhone App which is now the most downloaded and liked iPhone App in the history of technology and are marching towards iPad App. We are hoping to have the Skype’s iPad App for amazing video and audio calling experience over iPad.