Skype Has Added Facebook Integration For Its Mac OS X Beta Client

Instant Messaging service provider Skype today has announced an update beta version for its client of Mac OS X, with in which they have added the similar Facebook features which already available for their Windows PCs users. So, it’s really a good news for Mac OS X beta clients – now they can easily link their Facebook accounts with Skype, on the other hand which will enable some interesting features of Facebook like instant messaging service with Facebook Friends, updates and read Facebook news feedback as well as like options.

As the authority has claimed to enable that users have to do nothing apart from firing up Skype and simply click on the connect to Facebook tab as well as simply entered their Facebook sign in details. The authority has also said that their this new Skype version will also display banner advertising with in the main frame of Skype window – it’s for the non subscribers as well as those people who have not yet buy any Skype credit for calling. Though it is not the first time for Skype, while the company is sharing ad banner via its Skype main frame – before that their entire windows version had had it for a long period.

This brand new developing version of Skype (Skype windows 5.5 ) Facebook integration for windows has been available in the market since the end of this July. Though, within this brand new version they have introduced a brand Skype-powered Facebook Video calling features, but it is not the first time that they have added that, because before it the company has already made its position in this video calling world for its earlier video calling features.