Soundjaw fixes terrible noise in Ipad 2

When the Ipad 2 was first released, many people got disappointed regarding the sound that it produces.  The sound that it makes is terrible that anyone would rather choose the first Ipad over the new Ipad.  The sound that comes out of the Ipad 2 has a lower volume and does not; sends the sound directly and towards the user.

Aside from lacking any positive features, the design also looks ugly to the eye of the user.

Good news for the Ipad 2 user that there is now a solution to the bad sounds that the device produces.  Matthew McLachlan invests a small accessory that helps the user experience better – the device known as Soundjaw.  The device looks like a plastic spoon that must be clipped over the right angle at the bottom of the iPad.

Its unique looks allow the device to pick up any sound that comes out of the poorly-designed speakers.  It operates by exerting the sound from side to side in a slot-opening.  The slot might be small, but it is powerful enough to make the improvement to produce a good sound.

SoundJaw LLC is the creator of the device, which improves the sound of the Ipad 2.  Group consists of group of technology fanatics that give a solution to a device that has a problem.  They also aim at making things simpler.    All the products they produce are of high quality.

With the Soundjaw attached to the Ipad 2, the device can now reach its full highest potential.  In reality, the second Ipad can produce quality sound, but the sound affects the design, which does not allow the sound to be pushed out in a normal way.  With the Soundjaw, it simply amplifies the collected sound thus making the sound louder.  It is like a megaphone that amplifies the voice of the speaker. In the case, of Soundjaw, it amplifies the sound of the Ipad 2.

Although Soundjaw helps the quality of the device, there are some people who want to take the sound to an even greater height by adding an external speaker.  Especially the people who want to listened to loud music.  If one is not into listening to such noise, the device known as Soundjaw would be ideal for one.

They say that once that the Soundjaw attached; the owner is not going to remove it.

People can choose from two colors: black and white.  The price falls around $20.