Steve Jobs Biography Is About To Release Soon

The authorized biography of Steve Jobs is going to release on coming Monday. But before the official release of Walter Isaacson’s new book some copies have been distributed among some news outlets. And most expectedly the gossip news have been started to leak out. The famous Huffington Post has published some parts of the book. We can find there Steve Jobs‘ thoughts and opinion about Google’s Android. In the field of operating system Google’s Android is the greatest rival of Apple. Isaacson remembered the time when Jobs discussed with him about Android and Isaacson have written that he had never seen Jobs angrier than that time. Jobs was very disgusted and angry with Google’s idea of Android. Jobs accused that Google made Android by stealing idea from Apple iPhones. He has quoted Jobs saying that he would destroy Android as it was a stolen product. Isaacson has written in his book how much irritated Jobs was because of Google.

We will find in that book that Jobs was unhappy with other Google products too. According to Jobs except from the Google Search all other Google products including Android, Docs all are bogus. We can imagine his anger from that statement. He had told to Isaacson that Apple was meant to achieve great goals and satisfy its customers with unique products unlike crap like Android, which was made on some other’s idea.

Another interesting topic of discussion in the book was apps. Earlier Jobs was dead against apps, because he thought that Apple had not sufficient man power to support the idea of apps. Isaacson has mentioned in his book how Apple’s board member Art Levinson had to struggle to convince Jobs for apps.

The biography was about to come in market in coming November, but due to Jobs unfortunate death the publisher Simon & Schuster pushed the publication date up a month as a tribute to Jobs.