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Acer Coming Up With The New Travel Mate Timelinex

Acer is bringing out it’s less than 100$ laptops in a hurry and are providing a large number of specifications that can give satisfaction to the users in a long way.  The latest Acer Travel Mate TimeLineX 8481T is a great one to have for the professionals.  With its stylish designs and great processors inside it is bound to give a great deal of satisfaction to its users. The Acer Travel Mate TimeLineX 8481T has great slim designs with modern technological specifications. Any how the Black lid cover bears the mark of fingerprints which is not desirable, but as you can say that is not a real major issue as such. The interior is as black as the exterior. It is lightweight, only 4 pounds at max and also very slim in shape. Thus it can be easily portable from one place to another.