UNThink wants to challenge Facebook

New comer Unthink thinks that they can overthrow the social networking giant Facebook’s out of the social media realm.

The new social network comes from the creative mind of the mother’s concern over the online activities of his son. Unlike Facebook, Unthink preaches empowerment. Whenever first visited the site, they encouraged people in taking control of their online destinies.


Google ready for new design

Google (GOOG) portrayed as practical, commanding, scary, speedy and fun. However, some people are now thinking that it can also be beautiful.

New CEO Larry Page tries to in challenging all that, copying a note from one of his business role models and competitors, the departed Steve Jobs and Apple (AAPL). Almost instantly following the time that he got appointed as CEO in April, Page ordered to redesign Google’s online properties, which attempts in creating a unified look and feel, which would proclaim “Google,” just as the artistic character of Apple products rendering it instantly identifiable. This would be the first tie math Google is going to get a redesign after the company’s 13-year history.


Sony Comes Up With The KDL-NX720 Series

The 3D technology is of two types namely the active 3D technology and the passive 3D technology. Sony is one of the pioneers of 3D with the active technology. Its latest introduction to the television market, the Sony KDL-NX720 also possesses the active 3D technology. But the 3D quality may not be the most impressive. Read more