Toshiba Packs A Punch With Its New Satellite P755

Toshiba has always been trying to capture a fair share of the notebook market and here they are now bringing on some power packed laptops at affordable prices which can only help their cause.  They needed a real boost in their machines and now they are having it. The latest Toshiba Satellite P755-S5272 is a stylish notebook where a large number of features are installed and therefore it is presently one of the best in the business.  The lid of the Satellite has got a Platinum Fusion X2 design which makes it look elegant and the chrome Toshiba logo is set up at the center of the lid. The grey metal finish at the sides is also wonderful to watch from outside.  The same polarizing finish is found in the interior where the black shiny keyboard is installed.

The thin strip of light on the keyboard and touchpad gives an extra flair to the whole package. The 15 inch width is slightly larger and the 6 pounds is a little heavy weight than the similar notebooks found. But obviously it has got good back up to do with it. it can be carried to any place if necessary though it weighs a bit heavy. The large well-spaced keyboard is easy to use and the spacing helps in typing a good number of words per minute above the average. The keys however are coated with a thin film once touches are given on it. The touch pad is accurate and responsive and it is clear that you can go on using it for long time without bothering to clean it. The 15.6 inch TruBrite clear LED screen provided the best quality display possible and watching videos and movies is a blast on this notebook.

The audio quality is also great with its loud speakers built on the top most part. The 2 GHz Intel quad core i7-2630 QM processor is combined with 6GB of RAM. So you can understand what performance it can deliver. You have all that you want when playing, installing all the programs on your laptop. It is truly a great built to have. The 750 GB 5400 rpm hard disk drive did not take much time to boot up Windows 7 premium and therefore it is better than its contemporaries. The battery backup is also longer than expectations. In conclusion the great Toshiba P755 is a gem to have for the professionals. Do not miss out on it.