Toshiba Turns On The Heat With Its Latest Quosmio

Toshiba is slowly getting into the market of laptop with its additional features and upgradations that they are making in their latest laptops and are finding a fair share of customer preference.  The Toshiba Quosmio F755-S5219 is the latest one that is available in the market and given its features it has hiked its price quite a bit. It is Toshiba’s first 3D laptop where you do not need any glasses. It is probably this feature that adds to the price of the laptop. The Toshiba F755-S5219 is slim in design. It has got a red lid on the exterior with the Quosmio written on it. It however looks more like a sports car than a laptop. However when you see the designs n the interior you will be wowed. But the upper part does not have much protection to prevent the fingerprints on the surface and that is not a great thing to do.

The screen is 15.6” inch wide and is quite good compared to the other laptops. It is also not of too much weight, only 8.2 pounds and thus is readily portable from one area to another. Indeed it can be carried in a medium size carry bag with ease The keyboard is black and the keys are very soft. It is fairly easy to type 48 words per minute using ten fingers. However after some time a thin film is accumulated on the keys. The touch pad is good but a bit of improvement could have made it better. It is pretty much responsive and the mouse keys are firm without producing much sound. The HD TruBrite display was of top class quality and with the 1.3 Mega pixel webcam it helps a lot in video calling or conferencing. The Harman speakers were really loud without causing any problem of base.

The  2 GHz Intel Core i7 processor was a blast. It just gave the best performance that is possible on a laptop and is by far the best compared to other laptops. The 6 GB Ram also added to the productivity and using the Windows 7 OS was as easy as it is possible with the 750 GB Hard Disk with 7200 rpm. The graphics was superb and the battery life was also very long. All in all the Toshiba Quosmio F755-S5219 laptop is one of its kind but the price is a little too high for normal buyers.