Unlocked iPhones in Online Stores

Apple makes unlocked iPhones available

Ever since iPhone surged the market, the major complaint has been that the phones are locked with AT&T SIMS initially and Verizon SIMS lately. However, Apple has now opened its doors to all customers and is selling unlocked iphone 4. In order to unlock the previous smart phones, a number of jailbreak software applications are available in the market. Unlocking is essential in several instances such as international travel and desire to change the provider. By locking the phone with the SIM, Apple attempted cut out any other company from providing network to iPhones. Looks like things are going to change.Unlocked iPhone without micro SIM

An unlocked iPhone 4 comes without a micro SIM. A micro SIM is the SIM linked to the provider as is much smaller than the normal SIM cards. No micro SIM that is present in any of the Apple devices shall be compatible to the unlocked phone. You can choose your own carriers and purchase the SIM. The phone will be available in white and black colors.

Cost of unlocked iPhone

Apple has announced its unlocked iPhone at rates beginning from $650 for 16GB iPhone 4 and $750 for 32GB phone. As of now, the unlocked phones are available only online stores. The phone will be delivered within 3 days of order placement.

Network providers

Since the phone is not bound by any provider, you can choose anyone you like. Moreover, since all Apple iPhones are 3G compatible, you can choose any service that provides 3G service. If your device is a 4G compatible, then your choice is restricted. Despite the phone being offered unlocked, AT&T is still the best choice for many reasons such as speed. T-Mobile is an option but is not as fast as the network provided by AT&T.

Unlocked phones were expected

With Apple shifting carriers, a shift from its initial policy of providing only SIM locked phones was expected. Further, Apple had to give into the demand of international commuters and international customers. Residents of the United States, who wish to have an iPhone but not AT&T now, have a choice. The announcement is still in infancy to know much about prepaid plans and services provided by AT&T or other providers. However, although the phone is being offered unlocked, you will still need to jailbreak it if you want to download other browsers. The unlocking is only for the SIM and not for internet connectivity apps.