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AT&T Will Support BlackBerry Bold 9900

Till now carriers like Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile were carrying the latest version of BlackBerry Bold. But AT&T was not in the race till date. But most recently AT&T has announced that they are going to come in the same category supporting the latest BlackBerry Bold. It has been announced at the company’s side that the people, who were waiting long for AT&T to support the latest BlackBerry Bold will not have to wait much longer. AT&T will be found carrying the BlackBerry Bold from the coming August 2012.

The LG Marquee Is Cheap But May Fail To Impress Otherwise

With the competition in the in gadget market increasing day by, it is high time for the mobile phone manufactures to produce their products at the cheapest possible price and also provide the consumers with high quality performance. LG has come up with a pretty cheap device that promises to attract the reasonable consumers but it is to be seen whether it will be able to provide one of the best possible performances available in the market or not. It is to be said that the phone has one of the brightest possible display. The processor of the phone is the single core 1 GHz Snapdragon and there is a RAM of 512MB. They may not actually be the best.  The phone is slow at times and a bit poor with its performance in this case.

T-Mobile Is Looking To Steal The 4G Show

The T-Mobile is starting to make their mark in the smartphone industry with their latest technology where you not only get a QWERTY keypad along with the touchscreen but also 4G data connection and  a blinding speeded camera that shoots whatever you want . The T-Mobile’s myTouch 4GSlide is a one of its kind type of smartphone where you are delivered with a fantastic QWERTY keypad along with the toughened glass touchscreen having HTC sensor 3.0. The handset is superbly designed and its brush metal finish astonishes you with its beauty.  The body of the handset is oval shaped. There is trackball for navigation through menus.

Motorola And Sprint Comes Up With Their Best

Nokia’s Photon 4G will surely steal the show with its stunning looks and impressive specifications. The appearance of the phone is simply superb. It is beautifully designed with delicately cut corners. A sheet of Gorilla glass covers the display of the phone. The bottom part of the phone below the display possesses four buttons which helps you select the options of menu, home, back and search.

Global System For Mobile Communication (GSM) Has Passed 20 Years This Month

GSM or Global System for Mobile Communications or Group Special Mobile can be described as a standard which specially developed for 2G cellular networks. It was developed first on 1st July 1991, while Harri Holkeri, Finnish Prime Minister, made the world’s first GSM call to Kaarina Suonio, Mayou of Tampare. But now the technology has become 20 years old.

Early European analog cellular networks adopt this technologies as well as protocol which varied from country to country by preventing the interoperability of the subscriber equipment and additionally by increasing complexity for equipment manufactures.

GSM was first adopted as a standard digital mobile technology in the year of 1987, while 15 representatives of 13 European countries had signed a memorandum of understanding for developing or deploying a common cellular phone system across all over the continent. Eventually, the Phase 1 of the GSM specification was published in the year of 1990.

GSM was specially developed as a substitute for first generation analog cellular network service. So, the standard of GSM originally a digital circuit switch network in order to optimized full duplex voice telephony. But time has passed, so now it is quite being able to transport the packed data via GPRS. Though on the later part the packet data transmission speed were increased via EDGE. Now one new version of GSM technology has successfully developed by 3GPP i.e. 3G UMTS. Moreover, all GSM networks are currently working on introducing 4G LTE Advanced standards.

High quality voice calls, international roaming and support, text messaging system or SMS, Multimedia Messaging System or MMS of GSM has now create a big boon in worldwide mobile phone use. The more good news is that it has now adopted by the all countries in the universe. So in a sentence GSM has become the most ubiquitous standard for cellular network.