Windows Phone Apps Will Run With Windows 8

Operating System manufacturing company Microsoft is now once again in the cover page for their upcoming brand new operating system. Though, before that various reports have published regarding it – now on that list one new added while Jen-Hsun Huang, the CEO of NVIDIA has stated “Windows 8 will run the entire windows phone 7 applications.”

With the sequence to the fact in an interview of CNET he has stated “I believe that those application which specially designed for windows phone operating system will successfully run with Windows 8 operating system and here is no doubt with that.”

But this may create some problem to its developer at the time of making decision which they actually want to do – is that making any Windows phone supporting application or any Windows 8 supported applications.

Entire fact:

What ever will happen,  it is true that the application is in specific a cell phone application, though as NVDIA has claimed that this application will support windows 8 operating system, beside that  the main thing of worrying  is – will it be able to maintain the  proper UI and resolution at the time of running?

Moreover, it has also not fixed while this brand new operating system will arrive in the market, though few reports has stated that it may appear at an early 2012.

But, few hidden sources have stated that Microsoft is currently engaged for planning to build a press conference regarding their upcoming operating system Windows 8 at the next week – so we have to wait one more week to get the exact confirmation – as I hope that time this will also be cleared that is that only a rumor or not?