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Microsoft Has Planned To Make Smartphones Like PCs And Tabs

An executive from the reputed Qualcomm has reported that Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 operating system based PCs and tablets will show more resemblance to big size smartphones than conventional desktops. CEO of the mobile chip making company Mr. Paul Jacobs has mentioned that the motto is to be connected always – to access internet anytime from anywhere – to be updated all the time.

Android Based Smartphones Have Topped In Sale In Q3, 2011

The market research firm Gartner after their recent survey has disclosed that Google’s Android based smartphone sale is growing on rapidly. Nearly 115 million smartphones have been sold worldwide in the third quarter of 2011. Out of them 60 million which is 52.2 percent of the total smartphone sale is Android Based Smartphones.

The famous research firm has indicated to the growing popularity of Android among smartphone lovers. The ratio of the preference and sale of iOS and Android is now 3:1. The ratio is still growing on in e favor of Android. One of the reasons behind the decreasing popularity of iOS among people is the unexpected trouble given by iOS 5.

The Offering Of Cooperation Of Xbox 360 And Window Phone About To Launch

In the last Nokia World expo in England Microsoft has revealed their plan that Windows phones will be found working with the Xbox 360 gaming machine. They have also assured people that they will not have to wait long for the new offering. But the company did not revealed much information about the announced future plan.

HTC Will Buy Own Mobile Operating System

Cell phone and tablet manufacturer company HTC has now decided to buy their own mobile Operating System in order to place themselves in a unique position in the market.

In this matter Economic Observer of China report has stated “With the sequence to the fact Cher Wang has said that their company is now taking their time to craft out unique platform that will quite be able to bead existing Operating System platform like Windows phone, iOS and Android – in a sense we exactly want to offer something new in the market.”

Acer and ViewSonic Agree With Microsoft Patent Deal

A new report has come into the entire limelight while software giant Microsoft has added two more Android manufacturing companies for the mobile patent deal – Acer and ViewSonic. As the authority has stated that the agreement with Acer will cover Microsoft’s patient portfolio for their tablet that usually runs in Android, while they also stated that the other agreement with ViewSonic will cover the entire tablets as well as cell phones that are running with Chrome or Android OS. Though, the company has not yet unzipped any financial terms related to this deal.