Windows Phone is out after Xbox; does that bring you in Dilemma!

Psst- wondering how much have Windows Phone earned Microsoft? When people at online Seattle newspaper Seattle PI were busy finding Microsoft’s recent dealing with Securities and also Exchange Commission, an astonishing fact was revealed according to which Microsoft’s mobile efforts gave company approximately $613m in last financial year. Well, this figure was not only from mobile effort but it combines Windows Phone, Windows mobile, touchscreen table product surface, IPTV giving Media room and Zune media player. Despite so many things involved in this figure, Windows Phone puts pretty well into Microsoft’s coffers.

In a Microsoft’s worldwide partner conference in July, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer mentioned that in the launch of Windows Phone, he himself called it as “going from very small…to very small”. Although Microsoft saw a failure in this but it would also not be right to cal Windows Phone as a lost cause. Microsoft also had a similar failure when the company was making attempts to enter a cool market, yes it was Xbox. The time when Microsoft was preparing its way into games console market, it already had lot of 800lb gorillas including Play station and Nintendo and also a 400lb gorilla- Sega.
Windows Phone

Microsoft successfully sold some around 24 million Xboxes and thus becoming 800lb gorilla in its own respect in the gaming world. At this point it would apparently not be wrong to say that Xbox has parallels with the company’s mobile efforts due to reasons like Redmond occupying a significant position in the market right from start and also lessons from ecosystems which could supply fairly in mobile.

The reason for people buying Xbox was not the specifications or the brand name but it was the feature that the console brought with it. Or simply the reason they bought Xbox due to Halo who was the science-fiction first person shooter. Or in other term, it was all because of the ecosystem around Xbox. Another thing which also came into play with Xbox 360 was that it was considered the best at gaming even though it wasn’t first at it. Xbox Live mandated broadband making it certain to have high speed games. Moreover it had many more appealing features like friend lists can go across any number of games rather than hooked up with specific titles along with additions like extra content including demo games. Well, with so many advantageous features included, this is apparently right in saying the ecosystem was good.