X7: – Providing A New Look To Nokia Handsets

Nokia is on a role as it is bringing out one smartphone after another which not only are proving to be handful for users but also coming at a better deal than some of its similar competitors. Indeed the new Nokia X7 is splendid creation of art and Nokia has given a lot of effort into it to make it a real gem for the upcoming young generation. It has got a real stylish looks. The brushed stainless steel finish is really unique and once you get hold of it, you will wonder how a small piece of handset can be made to look absolutely fabulous. Typical of Nokia they want to provide their users the best of their quality and they never compromise on designs and they have again proved it. The touchscreen looks gorgeous. It feels so smooth. Every touch makes every app response to it and without having to do much you can browse all about your phone in a wonderful way.

The 4” touch screenis magnificent when you are viewing the HD videos or movies because its brightness and graphics quality is also great.  The camera is the best when you deal with Nokia. As it is in X7 as well Nokia has incorporated the 8 megapixel camera which is provide with third generation dual LED flash. The image quality is grand and taking a picture will provide you with detailed results and picture clarity. The video camera supports upto 720p HD video recording and it is also perfect in all circumstances. The inbuilt memory is 8 GB but the memory capacity can be increased up to 32 GB with the use of a Micro SD memory card. The Symbian platform is also useful with the 1200 mAh li-ion battery.

The audio quality is at its best, though users may not find it as good as the Sony handsets but still it is operational in current circumstances. The GPS and navigation facility and the home screen swapping facility gives the handset a new look altogether. Social networking was never so easy before and Nokia offers its full deal in case of using Facebook, Twitter and other such sites. 3D graphics is perfect for gaming and it is absolutely essential that these games can be played at ease by the user friendly touch screen. Unlimited apps are available for downloads from the Nokia Ovi Store. All this comes at a fairly reasonable price listed at Rs 22,829 but in common markets it may be available at bit lower price. It is definitely a good deal at such a price.