Banks loose battle on card security

It appears that the US banks are at a losing end as more thieves are using credit and debit card to steal some money.

Internationally, security is now becoming the main concern of the payment industry. It is said that for every $100 worth of credit and debit card purchases last year, 4.46 cents goes to the thieves. This is not the first that it happened since it already happens back in 2009, with an average lost of 4.71 cents. The report based on a data released by The Nilson Report, a California trade publication.


Facebook hired several web security firm to fight against malware

Facebook hires the service of a known web security firm in an effort to combat the growing number of malware cases last year.

Users will get a warning whenever they see any suspicious links that want them off the social site. Facebook believe that such site harbor malwares intended for a person’s computer. The warning was a result from a partnership with Websense.


Idaho Laboratory Analyzed a Complex Computer Virus

Hidden in the closed doors of a nondescript red brick and gray building of the Idaho National Laboratory is the malware laboratory where paid government cyber experts conducted test in the Stuxnet computer virus.

The malicious software targets extensively used industrial control systems created by German firm Siemens. Cyber experts believe that it first appeared and aimed mostly at Iran’s nuclear program and that its sophistication denotes that are coming from a nation state, possibly the United States or Israel.