Google I/O 2011 For Android – Activia, Ice Cream Sandwich, Honeycomb, Audio Cloud

It’s a great day for all of Google’s Android fans available all over the world. A new version of Google Android announced their new music service beta, and when you had the chance to be there these days, you have a tab without constraint Galaxy Edition.

Google Android department announced that they now have more than one hundred millions of Activia Android so far and about 400,000 new products are getting activated every day. They also reached 200,000 applications in the market with one billion downloads.  It all started at about 3 years ago. Now for your new real juicy. Google said honeycomb 3.1 days and some of its new points. They consist of a support for USB devices such as keyboards, mice, joysticks (which demonstrated the Xbox 360), and so on. The new capabilities are VoIP, push-to-talk conferencing, video, streaming audio (Audio beta), and more. They formed the smooth animation interface to stimulate and satisfy the end user, a fresh pitcher, superior multitasking, Wi-Fi connectivity, but the program off, and other useful parameters with the calendar, e-mail browser, and so on. The new version of honeycomb 3.A probably will be published in the Xoom 3G devices in the weeks to come.

Ice Cream Sandwich
Google has also shown that the new version of Android developed for the fourth quarter of this year, code-named ice cream sandwich. Ice Cream Sandwich is adjusted to correct the fragmentation of Android OS and get all of widgets on the same version. Google has also been operating a number of airlines and suppliers to improve the management of firmware updates for its clients. Buyers also have new units will receive the latest Android eighteen months immediately after the gadget is released, provided the material permits.

Audio Cloud
Google showed off its new beta service called Audio Cloud, which is now available by invitation only, and currently is free in beta. These services will offer you as much as 200, 00,000 songs on-demand streaming on your PC or an Android device. You can expand and edit playlists, download songs to listen to them offline, and produce a fast combination that match the songs together. In addition, they showed their movie rental from the Android Market, which offers offline viewing movies on a rental basis (24-hour clock, the Treasury 30 days). Outside is currently indicated only for your Xoom for your time to get, but Google says to help the rest of the gadgets to come.